Risk Reduction Course

Are you or your loved ones convicted of driving under influence? Don’t worry. There’s nothing very embarrassing about it. All of us have made some mistakes and we encourage you to come up with them and look for solutions instead of hiding them.

This, hiding your problem, will give you nothing but further mental stress and you might end up falling an even stronger prey to addiction which, deep down, you want to eliminate. Taking help is better than fighting with yourself. Moreover, there is always a hope to have the driving rights back.


The Atlanta risk reduction classes are the hope that will take you out of that bubble in which you are entangled in. This course will help you to deal with your addiction and get the driving license back. As it is a certified course, you can show this certificate to show that you are now validated to drive again.

Not just in case of driving under influence, you may take this course even if you are caught driving recklessly. Every citizen has the right to safety. So you by doing any of the above acts are a danger not just for yourself but other citizens too.

So, take this course and become safe for yourself and everyone around you.

What is this Course For?

The risk reduction course is designed to

  • Make you an adept driver again

  • Make you safe for yourself and others while on the road

  • Show your certificate as proof if caught again

  • Test your involvement in drugs and tolerance against the

  • Get you out of the addiction state

  • Give you proper counseling sessions that will take you back to a normal and healthy mental state

Thus, if you are not convicted of driving under influence but still are facing some problems with your driving behavior due to addiction, it is recommended that you take this course. It can be used as a pre-emptive measure to deal with any investigation. In short, this course is for a few categories;

  • Those who are convicted of DUI

  • Those who got caught for rash driving

  • Those who had illegal drugs possession  

How is this Course Designed?

The course, Driving under Intelligence, is designed according to the individual needs of every person.

The people who want to take the course will first be passed through an assessment and given an individual plan. The rest of the treatment will be according to the contrived plan.

The two stages of the course are

Pre-assessment Clinical Evaluation

This clinical evaluation is done by the drug abuse professionals, analysts, or counselors examine the state of clients completely. It is mostly an assessment questionnaire with questions related to the involvement in drugs. The main aim is to check

  • The level of engagement with drugs

  • Tolerance against drugs

  • The intensity of withdrawal symptoms (if in the withdrawal stage)

  • Level of intoxication in blood

  • Driving behaviors

  • Disturbed behaviors

DUI risk Reduction Course

Then starts the course which is aimed at improving the driving behavior and drug prevention of the client. It is carried out through different lectures and mainly counseling sessions. The sessions are given by professional counselors who, based upon the detailed assessment of the client, make them realize the importance of leaving drugs.

Moreover, their driving behavior is improved and they are made better citizens; safe for themselves and others. Their professionalism and experience have made our course the best risk reduction course in Sandy Springs.

Feel free to contact our kind instructors and counselors. If you are confused about whether you take this course or not, you can discuss your concerns with us in that case, too to get fair and expert guidance. 



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