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Yes, you can now complete YOUR CLASSEs ONLINE. Due to COVID-19, all Driving Under Intelligence classes have been APPROVED by the Georgia Department of Driver Services to be offered online. Accepted by Georgia DDS, Probation, and all courts. You can Register/book a class through our website or by giving us a call. Your documentation will be sent to you to fill & sign before class starts. A certificate of completion is emailed as soon as class is over. Register online, call or text us at (404) 992-0524


Reasons to take Defensive Driving: 

  1. Reduce Points: Avoid and/or reduce 7 points off your driving record. Less points = lower ins rates.

  2. Satisfy Court: satisfy traffic ticket and pre-trial requirements. Helps WIN in traffic court.

  3. Lower Insurance: Lower insurance premiums by 10-15% for 3-years. Savings of $600 or more. Ask agent!

  4. Reinstate License: Say goodbye to DDS suspensions. Certificate of completion issued to Reinstate License.

  5. New Driver: Great for any NEW driver. Learn traffic law, signs and how to handle emergencies​Register Online or Call to sign-up for class.


The 6-hour Defensive Driving Class fee is $95.00 for license renewal and court ordered offenders and discounted for insurance purposes. We accept Cash, Money Order, American Express,  MasterCard, Visa and Debit card payments.

F O L L O W  U S  ON  S O C I A L  M E D I A

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