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Best Driving School in Georgia

Driving is common but not that easy when you look at the technicalities involved in it. Especially, when it comes to defensive driving, most people are not skilled in it. It might look unnecessary to learn defensive driving for the present moment, but it has lifetime benefits. You may need the skill ever in your life. That’s why people regret not learning it after it is too late.

But for those who are looking for a driving school in Georgia, I have to worry no more.

Driving under Intelligence provides driving courses designed and instructed by determined instructors who take the safety of the citizens as their foremost responsibility. Inculcating this belief into the minds of students, they encourage the responsibility of being a citizen with the best safe driving knowledge and experience.

Thus, the passion we have in our team for this driver's work makes us the only ones in our name. We take this pride and continue to grow with better and better services every day. Our services are driven under influence training and defensive driving courses.


We keep our services updated to the demands of time. Not only that, our trainers have all the advanced knowledge of the field while harnessing the most effective ways of learning and training. Along with being a famous driving school among people, we are officially recognized by the state. So, if you decide to take the training from us, you are at no loss.


Risk reduction course

Our risk reduction course is specified for those who were ever caught in a drug case, rash driving case, or have their driving license expired. This course is the solution to all the above problems. The certificate can be beneficial at getting the license back.

Our specialists of this course will not only teach you safe and defensive driving skills but also, through proper sessions, provide you counseling against drug addiction. If you are passing through any such issues, we highly recommend that you take this course and become a legal driver again.

Clinical Evaluations

We provide clinical evaluations to the people who want to start riding safely again.  Our medical experts give proper analysis about the level of drug intoxication, the behaviors affected by the intake of drugs, level of involvement in drugs, withdrawal symptoms, and tolerance against them.

This evaluation is used to analyze the condition and make reports for the client. The risk reduction course is then formulated as per the requirements of the client. Thus, our course is a personalized training course that exactly meets the standards of a state-certified training program.

We don’t believe in making the processes complicated. If you need any of the above services, talk to us with no further delay. 


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"Positive, prioritized solutions, shifting social views and values on the dangers of driving under the influence and reckless driving.


Our daily mission here at Driving Under Intelligence is dedicated to enhancing quality control, safety and awareness on enhancing Public Safety by reducing initial offending and reoffending through effective education, treatment, defense, and supervision."



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