Clinical Evaluations

The world has moved past the times when a few inabilities would stop human beings from performing certain things. Everyone lacks something, but we have come up with the solutions to everything. If we could not fly, we invented airplanes; if we could not walk at the speed of 60 miles per hour, we invented cars. The point to explain here is human limitations. We are bound within our limits and the above mentioned were the general limits that everyone would have.

Every individual is different from others. The range of these inabilities is wide and varies from person to person. Some would lack the cognitive spatial sense, some would not be able to walk, some would have vision problems, and some would be having traffic phobia. But, we have got to deal with everything.

We can simply not keep on sitting and watch others do things which we need a little extra practice in.

This is our belief and motto and exactly this is what we are working for.

‘Bringing the delight of driving to the life of people who, for some reasons, are unable to drive.’

Our clinical driving assessment is the evaluation of a person’s abilities to check the areas they lack in. The assessment is purposed at deriving the solutions and therapies based on individual behaviors, tendencies, and capabilities.

Pass-Through the Assessment to Get a Better Understanding of Yourself

The assessments are done to get an understanding of the very areas which need improvement. A few examples of the areas where we do our evaluation are explained here.

-Cognitive Functioning Assessment: to check what level of command you have over the functionality of a vehicle, their problem-solving abilities, or any anxiety problems that you have for driving.

-Visual Abilities: to evaluate whether you have any nearsightedness or farsightedness problems, the range of vision, or any other eyesight issues that you have.

-Physical Abilities: it analyzes other physical problems that you might have and may hinder your driving ability.

-DUI Evaluation: for those people who are convicted of driving under influence. It measures the level of involvement in drugs, the intensity of addiction and withdrawal symptoms, behavior problems for indulgence in drugs, the intensity of behavioral issues, etc. Our DUI drivers’ Clinical Assessment is then used to lay a road map to help the person come out of the problem.   

Occupational Therapy Program

Our evaluation done in the above-mentioned areas is then used by occupational therapists. They use the data to target the problem behaviors and other areas to help the person come out of them. The sessions are conducted based on scientific therapeutic methods which ensure recovery.

The addicts are also given drug rehabilitation sessions and we have a successful history of bringing normality back to the life of people dealing with various problems. Thus, the therapists are qualified and experienced in the field. They are empathetic and professional in their conduct which most of the clients like about them.   

They generally work to manage the gross and fine motor skills, help people use their physical abilities in the best possible ways, motivate them to make the best use of their strengths, and improve weaknesses.

Moreover, they work on improving the perceptual, problem solving, and other cognitive abilities of the clients. All of this will help in improving their driving behavior and command of the skill.

Driving Instruction Program

The assessment is not only used by therapists. Our driving instructors are expert enough to use the clinical evaluation in designing a plan for driving instructions for the client. They work with clinical therapists in analyzing the problems and devising the best possible ways for them to learn driving.

They work with DUI clients to improve their driving behavior and the grip to drive safely. Secondly, they devise different ways to make differently-abled people drive easily. Modified ways are used to complement their needs and make them adapted to them.

How Is The Assessment Done?

The assessment is done by the clinical experts in individual sessions. The duration of the sessions depends upon how long the therapist requires to reach a final decision. The assessment is taken out separately for each person and the results produced are given to the client and other driving instructors.

Who Does The Clinical Evaluation?

The clinical evaluation is done by specialists who have the scientific knowledge of the therapeutic methods and behavior abnormalities.

The clients with drug issues are dealt with by substance abuse professionals. They specifically deal with the causing factors of addiction so that the solutions are devised specifically. Our driver’s Clinical Evaluation in Sandy  Springs holds its reputation for having the best clinical staff.

What Do We Measure?

Our evaluation is done for a wide range of problems. The target is to assess all skill sets involved in driving in the best way. Having the aim to make you a safe driver, we assess all the habits which contribute to making one.

Thus, our team measures all that is required to make you an excellent driver. Typically, we measure physical and cognitive abilities, observation power, and response time, visual and perceptual skills. Moreover, we assess the knowledge that you have about the driving tools and process and learning ability to make a time plan that will take you to learn driving.

Why Are They Important?

There is no denying the fact that the solution to anything is not possible until we have the root to which its reasons lie. The clinical evaluation by driving under intelligence will get you to the root due to which you are having your driving problems.

Being kind and fair with you, we will tell about even the minute details that are hindering your learning.

We are here all the time during our office hours and always ready to listen to you. So contact us immediately if you are looking for help.



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